Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flying Boots sings with the Best.

I played at the Flying Boots Tonight. I thought it was going to be a slow night, but, they showed me. Some of my regulars came to see me-You know you all make me better. I have to live up to my past shows (and my crazy reputation,) when you show up. Mr. Lonny, Mike & Mike2, Di, Larry-so good to see you!!! Keep coming and I'll keep singing. We started out with Larry, (from The Western R)who sang 3 songs in a row, then added Mike to the rotation. We were trying to get Donna to join in, but, that took some time. My Mom came and sang 1 song, I got to sing with her and I hope it broke the ice. I want Mom to come to the next Tacome Karaoke meetup and hang out with me. Maybe we can convince her to sing again. Everyone but, MOM stop reading now-skip the next sentence and start reading again.

ONLY MoM Can read this-(Thanks Mom, I was in a new place, all alone.....and you came and made me feel better.)

Okay everyone else can start reading here again-Dorothy is the bartender and she sings! She is a gem and helped me trememdously. Fred is the cook and he will stay and fix food until everyone is full. What a great guy. He was riding a teeny bike around the dance floor, I mean the bike is so small, he looked like he was levitating......amazing.

The karaoke went off well, even though the CAVS system "crashed" 3 times-Yeah, I just love those hmm. (give me my cdg's any day!) By 11pm the bar was full and folks were sitting with me in the restaurant area, we rolled that way until the end of the night, when Tary, Di and Larry sang the last songs of the night.
We never have enough time, everyone wants to sing more and more. Guess we'll have to do that next time.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

At The Valley Tavern - August 17th

I went back to "The Valley" as a Guest Host for the weekend of August 17th and 18th. I was so happy to sing with people I hadn't been able to see in 2 months. I was excited to be there and some of the folks said they only came down because I was there that night. What a huge compliment! Thank you, you guys are awesome.

So I'm giddy with excitement and started rolling the R & B.
I put Rico, the cute bartender, up to sing Purple Rain, and got out a dollar. Rico got the idea when I climbed into a bar stool holding out the dollar (with a hu-u-ge smile on my face). He obliged me by climbing up onto the bar and gyrating in time to the music. I put my dollar in the collar of his shirt. He smiled and nodded at me, all the while singing and dancing. Because the other ladies were on their way to the bar, I got the heck out of the way-(women with money for beefcake will trample anyone between them and the guy!). Keri and Lisa were brazenly stuffing dollars down Rico's pants-he looked surprised, but, delighted (and he was blushing....). Never seen him look so thrilled. They were tugging pretty hard on those pants.......delicious bits....! Whoo-Hoo!
I couldn't look away, but, I was clapping and dancing - yes! Just marveling at the show. I think Rico came away with $13 dollars for his song and dance.
Well he looked happy.

Mona was dancing and shimmying on a chair, lip syncing the song. Ralph enjoyed that show.

Man, what a blast. We had some people who came down for a hug or a song. Mr. Lonny, Kenny, Sara, Janeese, ...Love you, wish I could see you more-we have so much fun!
We got a little nutz, truly showed our joy at partying together, but, come on, it was all in fun. A good time was had by all, -even the people who don't like Karaoke said they were glad they stayed..They're gonna tease Rico now.

Then, on saturday we were mellow, no chair or bar dancing, just straight singing, floor dancing and fellowship.

I can't wait to go back to the Valley.
Thanks you guys for a great weekend!

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