Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Tacoma Karaoke News

Now that the holidays are over, we've rolled into a great New Year.

We just finished an exciting weekend of karaoke and dancing at the Valley with a packed house both nights and a lot of new faces.

We had a relaxing "Tacoma karaoke" meetup at Gloria's last Wednesday Night including two "new" members and Jody, whom we haven't seen in a while. I sang the Electric Slide on the condition that the group dance.....they did. I love watching them dance, you know everyone has their own style - they looked great! Then the KJ put on the Cupid Shuffle, and we danced to that. It sounded funny at first, as it was a different version but, we quickly got into it, we don't care if we were doing it wrong....or not.....because we were All doing it!It was fun, I didn't want to leave, but, I've gotta get some sleep to make it to work on time in the morning.

I've got a couple more meetups scheduled for February - so check out the calendar on the Tacoma Karaoke Meetup Group site for those meetup nights.

You can always preview the group, it only cost $1.00 to join. It's easy.
Looking forward to meeting up with you in person!

The snow flurries today alarmed me a bit, but, it's stopped without leavingany traces of snow on the ground.