Monday, April 23, 2007

Party at The Valley!

La, la, la, la-la-You know, I was told this was to be "Party" Night. A big birthday bash celebration for the regulars at the Valley. Not much karaoke singing scheduled, they wanted me to bring their favorite music and be the DJ for dancing all night, with karaoke available, in case someone wandered in and wanted to sing. "Ooh", I thought, "easy night". R-i-hi-i-igh-t.....!! (".")

We had 19 singers last night and plenty of dancers. Our dancing queens were swaying and swinging all over the place, up the stairs, in front of the bar, next to me.......I almost got clocked twice...., but, I'm quick. My kids have taught me to duck reflexively. (read-"fast")
From the time the music started 8:45pm until ten to Two - music, singing,- dancing nutz. It was Crazy FUN!!!!

Non-stop music kept the crowd on their feet, throughout the evening. Spectacular events occurred: The bar next door was almost empty-they had 3 patrons, we had new customers, but, they're regulars at the "bar next door" ;> (comment overheard from their karaoke Host:
"What do they have over there that WE don't have here?" Hmm- "Cheap" Beer?)

Two of our regulars were "sharing" a pitcher of beer and it spilled all over them as they were mounting the stairs back to their table.....Mitzy gave them a New pitcher and cleaned up their mess, but, the Ladies of the bar requested "Wet T-Shirt Dances" and the guys complied!!!!! WoW!!! Big, big, Wow!!
One of them got so into it, his shirt disappeared completely and the Ladies complemented him with a shower consisting of a half a beer-so we got gyrating guys, (one w/o a shirt) Wet, dripping beer, hips and abs undulating in time to the music, excited women, smiling, screaming and jumping up and down a slippery floor and, Hmmmm.... an ocular delight, yep, simple "eye candy". I just kept the music going, smiled - yeah, I -Hey, I'm not one to kill a party!
Sadly, the guys got tired after an exciting 20 minutes (pansies!) , grabbed bar towels to clean up and went back to drinking their beer. (boring..)
Around 1:30 Mitzy, my Beautiful bartender, called the cab company, so, at 2am, we had a "Fleet" of cabs parked in front of, and around our building, thus ensuring that each and every wonderful patron got home safely. Is that a great plan or what!?!?!?

This is one Saturday night that my Ladies and Gentlemen of the Valley, will not forget, hah!, nor will I. Thanks you guys-You have no idea how happy you make me feel.

Everybody have a great week-
Remember Tuesday nite at Lil Vic's Midland Tavern. I do hope to see you there.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lotsa Karaoke Singers Last Night in Tacoma!

Wow! We had some great singers last night! Yeah, there were one or two not so great sounding tunes -but, they get better with practice. I can't say it enough, "The more you sing, the better you sound and the better you sound the louder we clap." (and if you dance -we like that too.)
If you want to sing a song, fill out a karaoke slip with your name, and the song number on it at least........then wait your turn and I will call you to sing. We had one guy, I don't know his name....who kept singing with my filler music-(picture me rolling my eyes)-dude, you might enjoy that and I'm sure you were having fun, but, it's not fair to the rest of the singers. That's why I kept taking the mic away from you. So, anyway....
Sue and Hal came to visit us, it was just awesome! Sue writes for the karaoke and entertainment guide, that's how I met her at Pacific Lanes, man, I love that woman. She is a beautiful, kind, generous soul with a lot of wisdom and love that she shares. One love she shares with us, is Hal, her husband-a professional singer, he has a beautiful robust voice, a pure talent, he's one Tacoma singer you've just got to hear. He brought the house down with several of his songs. The windows were rattling behind me, patrons were leaning over the railing to show their appreciation, smiling, dancing, whistling and calling for encores. There was some major hootin' and hollerin' going on. Hal , always modest, just smiled and returned to his table with Sue. So, with a full house, and a rather large rotation we rolled as fast as we could to get everyone four or five songs in before the night was over. Between, the karaoke and the cha-cha slide, there were plenty of drinks going around, Mitzy and Rico were pouring as fast as they could. They did a great job!!! I don't know how they did so well, but, I saw lotsa tipsy people singing their way home in the backs of those cabs when I was leaving, it cracked me up. There's gonna be more tonight, it's Saturday night! Time for More R&B and Disco, and smooth dancing rythyms -oooh-you know you like it and I know who you are!
(Private note for: Mr. Lonny-I checked on my computer, it's reading just fine. So the problem must be your language button. If you email aol they should be able to send you the directions to change it or fix it for you. Hah! Good Luck.)

That's all for now, bye.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Valley Pub Karaoke Night

Nice nite at the Valley Pub, we had quite a few singers, they kept me hoppin' and boppin' from 9 to 1:40am. Free flowing vocals melted a lot of the work tension and even the non-singers got up to dance and play on the mic's. Kind of an impromptu "open mic" event. It was totally cool and really fun. [a little bit funny, at times.](I wonder if the beer had anything to do with it? hmm... thinking.......M-no.) We just had a good time and some really good singers last night.
Here at the Valley everyone seems to be family. Just walk in the door and say "Hi", sing a song and that's it, you belong. Or come back next week and "hello!" your a sister or a brother. Now if your a good singer - they may not let you sit down. Cries of "encore, encore" fly out all the time, sometimes I have to let the filler music play because the singer "Loves that song" and won't sing until they hear the whole song. A lot of the time I'm pullin' up the filler song so a singer can sing it. We'll hear a little bit of the original singer and somebody'll run up and ask "Can I sing it?, With the words?" So I'll look it up to see if we have it, and, if we have it -of course I'm gonna let them sing it! That's my job.
And a great job it is too!
Then we've got the "special requests" - all those songs they want to hear me sing. far I've got standing requests for -the Rose, anything Johnny Cash (don't ask me why, I think they just like to laugh at me), Shake your Groove Thing (requested by JJ-wut???), Being with you (for Carrie), Dancing Queen (for Claire and May to dance to, woah, can they dance!), Shop Around (for Toni) and anything Sade (requested by Jerry). Fulfilling those requests can be hectic sometimes, but I can get it done-and make everyone happy. That's what it's all about.

On this Easter Morning I hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets lots of chocolate!!

Happy, Happy Easter everyone!!!
I'm at the Valley on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 1:30am. Come visit me some time and sing a song, we'll make you family too.