Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back at The Valley........

They missed me, we went through a bit of negotiating to figure the details out, but, we did it and I'm baaaaackkkkk. Life goes on and karaoke is a big part of my life. So I'm back at the Valley Pub. Yup, that part of downtown Tacoma. It's a bit beyond downtown, but, we really get 'down'. We have started a new game, the name of this game is musical fun or pass the mic, and that's what we do. I start the microphone on the left side of the bar. It goes one person to another, the rules are - 1)be nice to the mic, - 2)you must say something positive, nice or just say "hello" or "pass" as long as your voice comes over the mic, you have 3 minutes maximum time. -3)Or sing something you have already chosen - I will have your music ready, when it is your turn. (You don't have to stay in your seat, the mic is cordless so you can roam the room if you so choose.) At the end of the bar, I will take the mic back to the beginning or it runs the tables, left to right.
This game seems to be getting everyone comfortable with the mic. People who would never normally sing have been putting in slips lately. This is fun, as people who have been hanging out with me for a year and a half have finally started singing - and they sing great! We love these "new" voices! So I'll keep the game going for a little while longer and see how many different songs we can get rolling. Tori sang "It's Alright" in a big way, we haven't heard that one in a while - David sang "Cracklin' Rosie" - one of my fave's. Then Jimbo blew me away with his rendition of "Rock the Boat". Roxie and Kevin were great backup dancers and entertained us through several songs. Stellar entertainment....I can truly say, "It was Good" and we get to do it again next Saturday Night. I Can't Wait.