Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tacoma Karaoke at The Oak Tree

This is the Oak Tree on Pacific Avenue. Amazing little place, but, not so little once your inside.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Mystic suggested this bar. I'm so glad she did. I went, I looked around, and starting quizzing some of the patrons about the music they enjoyed.
Sure enough on a Wednesday night, it's purdy much a country crowd. We all got along just fine. The KJ/DJ told me his name was "Dick", I didn't quite believe him as some other patrons were calling him Richard and he answered to that. (He told me the "Other host" was Richard).

I don't quite know if Mystic had told him I was a KJ, but, when he started "picking on me"I figured she must have. I sang my first song, and got my applause as I was scooting back to the table (and my friends)
.Dick, got the next singer going, then appeared at my side to ask me if I would sing a duet with him. I was a bit surprised, but, told him it depended on the song.
Then he said he wanted to sing "Summer Lovin'" I smiled as I replied, "as long as you don't get too nasty, I can handle it. "His eyes got big, as he stood up and looked around the room "who's been talkin' about me?" he queried. My smile got bigger, I laughingly said "nobody, guys just always want to kill that song". I don't know if he believed me or not, but, about 3 songs later he called me up to sing with him. I didn't catch everything he said in his introduction, but, I did hear him say "she's a good singer" and something about confidence and wit. Aha!, these were clues as to how he was going to sing the following song. I remember thinking - Oh G r r e a t,
W o n d e r f u l, he's going to attack me.

And he did.

The audience, who knew him, were sympathetic towards me and I had friends out there too, so let the music roll and we'll see what happens..........

dum da dum da dum, da dum dum dum, o you know the song-
summer lovin' had me a blast(him),
summer lovin' happened so fast-(me)
Met a girl crazy for me-(him with a gleam in his eye) ,
Met a boy dumb as can be (me) (hey, I know he's gonna do it so I'll get in the first shot and, hey, the audience laughed......)
Summer days driftin' away to uh ha the summer nights, (us together)
Uh wella wella wella, Uh, tell me more tell me more did you get very far, (guys)
tell me more tell me more like does he have a car, (girls)
uh huh, uh huh, okay,... so you know the song.
I called him gay, the audience laughed,you know the part where the girls say "cause he sounds like a drag" yeah i said "fag" -umm hm, just one more little dig, I wasn't about to get as raunchy as he was getting - and he got his own pants wet
when I said "he was weak, just turned a trick" -he choked on his drink and spilled it on himself.
(just a dribble, but, IT Counts!) You know what? -I survived.
I even got a few laughs of my own. I did have a good time, after I calmed my friends down, (they weren't as amused as I was and some were just plain angry, they said it was disrespectful.) I value my friends' opinions and thank them for caring. I feel kind of like it was a rite of passage, I went thru it, succeeded and I'm over it.
I would go back, after I thoroughly run thru every lyric in that song and analyze it for all evil connotations - and besides Dick kinda cheated, I say if your changing the words around -it should still rhyme. Dick didn't agree with me -he just went all out, way, way out there! I'm smiling -what a nasty mind! But, yup, I still had fun.
What do you think? Would you go back?

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