Sunday, October 28, 2007

Karaoke at Latitude 84

The Tacoma karaoke Meetup Group met at Latitude 84 on Saturday night for karaoke and a good time. As a group we had a good time, we got to meet 2 new members. Carrie, who came as Elvis and Dan who came as a "Blues Brother" they looked good and sang good. There were quite a few costumes in the crowd, a very cute witch who's "shirt" kept coming up (exposing her thong and a well toned something else), a bawdy french maid- lot's of fun and an entertaining dancer, Batman- complete with muscles and gold bat motifs and more. Quite impressive. Dawn, Julie and I had a few drinks (2) to celebrate Dawn's birthday on Friday - Hope you had fun, Dawn, Darling. I was disappointed with the musical offerings, but, it is a "dance" club now, I suppose. The music started after 10:00, with 9 dance songs, then one karaoke rotation followed by 8 dance songs and another karaoke rotation. So for the length of time we were there, we did spend quite a lot of time at the table talking and looking up songs. We decided to sing "you've lost that loving feeling" as a group and Dan lead us incredibly well, that was fun. It was also our last song. We sang 3 songs, in about 3 hours and I just had to go home. If I hear "Picture" or "Hotel California" one more time??????................< I don't know what I'm gonna do. So I avoid those songs and go outside with the smokers until they are finished.
It's all good - somebody still loves those songs, I just get to hear them too much lately.

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