Friday, August 22, 2008

TigerRose Karaoke Entertainment

We've been busy this summer.
Along with the regular Friday and Saturday night karaoke gigs, we do Weddings, Receptions, Birthday parties and Private parties with and without themes.
In July we had 3 private parties, including a 4th of July blowout! Complete with fireworks and crazy patriots manning the pyrotechnics!
At one point, I thought they were gonna get me, but they missed and hit the porch instead. After some of the guests put the fire out, I started the music up again.
Yup, they missed and I'm still thanking God.

Everythings going well and I didn't think it could get any better.

Then August came and we've done 2 crazy parties, so far.

A bachelorette party with two beautiful male strippers, very good and very tasteful. To their credit they didn't chase any females around - They waited for the interested women to come to them. Then gave special attention to the women waving money. While Alana got a lap dance, the other women looked on with envy and awe. The moves that man had, oooh! I've never seen the likes of that before. Alana's face gave it all away! Grinning ear to ear, chair dancing with glee, both hands firmly holding his tight buns......Oh Yeah, ;) She enjoyed it.
Later she stated it was the best twenty dollars she'd ever spent.
As the party wound down into the wee hours of the morning some of the ladies had their pictures taken with the near naked dancers, very sexy pictures, I might add. Everyone left smiling, including yours truly-no I didn't get any pictures taken.

At the Hawaiian Luau - with the whole clan dancing, I was encouraged to try some hula. I did great - hiding behind "big mamma" the whole time. Ha Ha! It was fun, the food was awesome, the music was heavenly. Big Mamma's really got some pipes, the whole family was encouraged to sing and helped when they deemed it necessary. We had some beautiful harmonies coming out of those microphones. This brought listeners from everywhere, it was all good, the audience was invited to join the party and clap loudly.

Friday and Saturday night karaoke at The Valley Pub is going strong.
With Fridays we've been really busy, lots of people, including an abundance of singers.
Yes, they are still dancing on the tables - what can I say, the girls enjoy showing off and the guys love watching or joining in on the gyrations. That gets interesting sometimes.
We have two bartenders on Friday nights now, that's how hot its been in there.
Saturday nights are as fun as Fridays and we get more songs in the rotation. We are still working it, having a great time and making new friends.

Come on in and join us one of these weekends.
More later.....


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