Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hi Again!

Hi, I'm back to writing, because I finally remembered my password for this blog.
I'm sure some of you can attest to the annoyance of forgetting a password and having to prove a blog is really yours. I can't be the only one whose done that.
So, I'm back. Still doing karaoke and having a good time. I've been hosting private parties and wedding receptions, instead of working in the bar's full time. 
My favorite place to hang out and just sing is still El Toro's in North Tacoma.  They have good food, great servers, a wonderful bartender and a really nice bar manager.  You'd like them I bet.
Al is the Host, he's great at mixing the music with the vocals.  El Toro's knows the value of letting us sing full out, so Al can play the music the way it was meant to be played, with a professional sound system, Nice and loud!  :D
Al Russell is the Best Karaoke Host with the Most songs available in the Tacoma Area! 
I just had to say that.  That's where I sing when I'm not having a Meetup or hosting a party or  wedding reception.  It's a lot of fun, very relaxing and I enjoy the other entertainers in the crowd.  Some of them are very good singers.. really good!
I'll be posting a list of karaoke places in and around Tacoma, soon.   So, now that I'm back check back in a bit. 
In the meantime, Keep Singing!

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