Monday, May 21, 2007

Karaoke In the News

I've had a crazy, laid back weekend with only 14 singers on Saturday night and a spy......

It just cracks me up";"! The karaoke host from next door sent her sister over to my place

to see how many singers we had and bring as many as possible over to her show.

I'll call her "C". Now, I liked "C", she came in bought a beer and stuck around for 45 mins to sing a song, but, she left alone. Hmm..., too bad, it was cold out there.

Of course after she left, my singers started telling me she came in with a plan to begin with. She was a SPY! They didn't think it was very nice (and they didn't like having to explain why they were staying where they were.) I wouldn't do that, but, I share, & I don't mind the singers singing one with me and singing one with her, it's more fun that way. The singers get in a few more songs, right? So, I smiled as the music went on and my loyal customers kept right on singing, such wonderful people! I have an appreciation for honesty and loyalty.
A couple of my customers were downright "hot" at the very thought of "trying to steal customers" as they put it, I just think it's funny and tried to calm them down.

3 songs later "C" came back in, this time she had her purse and her jacket, I bought her a beer and she sang with us for the last hour and a half that we rolled. What a nice girl, she's got a pretty good voice too. Too bad her sister's mad at her.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Singin' on the street, at night.

The most incredible thing about rolling karaoke at the valley is the spontaneity of the patrons. They have no "egos" and consequently are ready to try anything new. It's so great!!
We found out the cordless microphone works from outside the building and the customers inside can hear the singer/or speaker perfectly well. We tested this for an hour or so, (the smokers LOVE it, they can smoke and sing their song). The concept of being "outside" lookin' in at the words on the screen seemed to erase the singers inhibitions too.
They were emoting better and adding a shimmy or a gyration to the song-I noticed a few cars slowing down to watch or see what was going on here, and the smokers were egging the singers on..... We rolled 12 songs this way until a police car pulled in, parked and watched.....the officers rolled down the windows and watched.....
Smokers put out their cigarettes and started hitting the door, my singer at the time Ralphy was intent on his lyrics and dancing a bit, when one of the last smokers to hit the door, grabbed his jacket and pulled him inside. Ralph didn't miss a cue, he glanced at the police car, opened his eyes wide and danced into the bar to finish his song with a little dip at the end. I got a little tip about the bar attracting the wrong kinds of customers/slowing down traffic/being a nuisance (isn't that what they pay me for?) and tried to talk a police officer into singing a song-"I shot the Sherrif" anyone? (On duty My EYE, he was a blue Chicken!)
Sue Sawyer, My Guardian Angel, wrote an article for the karaoke paper about the Valley Tavern-it just cracks me up!! And my patrons feel famous! Read that here:
Great article by a great lady, I'll have to remember not to get her a beer the next time she comes out.
On Tuesday night at Lil' Vic's Midland Tavern some of my former singers from Pacific Lanes have been finding me and coming in to sing with us. We've had Julie, Dawn, Jim W., Sopi, Rico,
Donna, Candy, Kym, Ginny, Carl, Richard, Robert, Mike, Howie, and those are just the ones I can remember right now. We are trying to get Simon, who runs the store across the street, to sing just one song.....soon, It will happen soon and then he'll be hooked for life.
Mr. Lonny sings a mean spoof of Nirvana, had the pool players hootin' and hollerin'.....until they realized it was Weird Al, and kids on bikes parked across the street to listen to him sing. He does a great job on those songs because he enjoys them so much.
I'll type in more later, it's time for my Bubble Bath.