Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tacoma Karaoke Grows

I remember being told years ago, "Don't get used to this gig, karaoke is just a fad and it's on the way out".
I must say I'm not sorry they were wrong. I have seen the past time grow larger each year and I chuckle to myself whenever another bar opens up with karaoke.
Bars and restaurants along Pacific Ave. have filled up with signs promoting karaoke shows, mostly on friday's and saturday's, there are a couple that run karaoke 3 to 4 days a week. You know who you are and I heartily commend you.
There are singers who just can't get enough of singing and we need these venues to keep us satisfied and sometimes sane.
New businesses have grown up out of the karaoke "fad", we now have the karaoke newspaper, several karaoke shops selling cdg's and karaoke machines, KJ's and DJ's that play karaoke CD's and lots of karaoke websites for Tacoma and the surrounding area.
Yes, my friends it's here to stay and still growing.
Look for me Friday nights at the Valley pub, and on Saturday's at The Flying Boots Bar and Grill, yes still in Tacoma.
Until next post, keep singing and stay happy.

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