Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flying Boots sings with the Best.

I played at the Flying Boots Tonight. I thought it was going to be a slow night, but, they showed me. Some of my regulars came to see me-You know you all make me better. I have to live up to my past shows (and my crazy reputation,) when you show up. Mr. Lonny, Mike & Mike2, Di, Larry-so good to see you!!! Keep coming and I'll keep singing. We started out with Larry, (from The Western R)who sang 3 songs in a row, then added Mike to the rotation. We were trying to get Donna to join in, but, that took some time. My Mom came and sang 1 song, I got to sing with her and I hope it broke the ice. I want Mom to come to the next Tacome Karaoke meetup and hang out with me. Maybe we can convince her to sing again. Everyone but, MOM stop reading now-skip the next sentence and start reading again.

ONLY MoM Can read this-(Thanks Mom, I was in a new place, all alone.....and you came and made me feel better.)

Okay everyone else can start reading here again-Dorothy is the bartender and she sings! She is a gem and helped me trememdously. Fred is the cook and he will stay and fix food until everyone is full. What a great guy. He was riding a teeny bike around the dance floor, I mean the bike is so small, he looked like he was levitating......amazing.

The karaoke went off well, even though the CAVS system "crashed" 3 times-Yeah, I just love those hmm. (give me my cdg's any day!) By 11pm the bar was full and folks were sitting with me in the restaurant area, we rolled that way until the end of the night, when Tary, Di and Larry sang the last songs of the night.
We never have enough time, everyone wants to sing more and more. Guess we'll have to do that next time.