Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tacoma Karaoke, Singing Karaoke, Dancing Karaoke,.....

It's May already, where does the time go?
In March we continued karaoke at the Valley Pub, as usual, but,
there were a few really good dance songs that came to our attention.

Along with Bartender -Rico - who, as you already know, dances on the bar, and sings "Purple Rain", to the absolute delight of our female customers.
We have started table dancing.

The dance songs are amazing when they're playing and the pub turns into a club. Energy is amplified while everybody gets a mischievous smile on their faces! Definately me, I love it!
We've got the party bumpin' and the crowd is moving! Girls,... Guys,... those that aren't dancing are enjoying the show!

I'll warn the dancers and warm up the crowd with "Cyclone" by T-pain and Baby Dash, (the tables start getting cleared off for the next song) then roll into "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne, (this one gets the ladies going) and they start climbing on the table strutting their stuff!
The big one that we all love is "Low" by Flo Rida featuring T-pain, it's got a great beat and the "club" goes wild!
If everyone's into it big time, I'll pop on the "Cha Cha slide", otherwise known as the "Casper Slide" so they can groove to that.
We've been doing this for six weekend's now and they've been asking for it every weekend -so I guess we'll continue for as long as the tables last.
I've been adding new songs, Shakira's a good one, they like "Hip's don't lie" and try to out-dance each other.
Some of these moves can't even be shown on cable TV!
Last night we had "V" get so low she was "X-rated" -the guys couldn't stop talking & smiling about it and I've had several e-mails asking me to get her to do it again, but, on the table this time. (Gee, maybe "V's" life calling is dancing, she's got a lot of fans!)

We had a great Karaoke Meetup last weekend, with wonderful singers, great entertainers, and table dancers, they sang, we danced. We got to meet people who were previously only Characters on our computers and spend 4 hours getting to know and appreciate each other in person. What a great night! I know we've got pictures- (Don't know if they're updated yet though, so keep checking back, just in case they're not.)

We've had 5 Tacoma Karaoke Meetups since my last post! Wow! We've met at Lil Vic's, The Oak Tree, The Valley Pub, Gloria's & Charley's - and still looking for more places to meet and have fun. If your looking for a relaxed place to be accepted and party, you can come and join us- or create your own party, hire a DJ/KJ and get it going- either way we'll have a good time!

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