Monday, April 23, 2007

Party at The Valley!

La, la, la, la-la-You know, I was told this was to be "Party" Night. A big birthday bash celebration for the regulars at the Valley. Not much karaoke singing scheduled, they wanted me to bring their favorite music and be the DJ for dancing all night, with karaoke available, in case someone wandered in and wanted to sing. "Ooh", I thought, "easy night". R-i-hi-i-igh-t.....!! (".")

We had 19 singers last night and plenty of dancers. Our dancing queens were swaying and swinging all over the place, up the stairs, in front of the bar, next to me.......I almost got clocked twice...., but, I'm quick. My kids have taught me to duck reflexively. (read-"fast")
From the time the music started 8:45pm until ten to Two - music, singing,- dancing nutz. It was Crazy FUN!!!!

Non-stop music kept the crowd on their feet, throughout the evening. Spectacular events occurred: The bar next door was almost empty-they had 3 patrons, we had new customers, but, they're regulars at the "bar next door" ;> (comment overheard from their karaoke Host:
"What do they have over there that WE don't have here?" Hmm- "Cheap" Beer?)

Two of our regulars were "sharing" a pitcher of beer and it spilled all over them as they were mounting the stairs back to their table.....Mitzy gave them a New pitcher and cleaned up their mess, but, the Ladies of the bar requested "Wet T-Shirt Dances" and the guys complied!!!!! WoW!!! Big, big, Wow!!
One of them got so into it, his shirt disappeared completely and the Ladies complemented him with a shower consisting of a half a beer-so we got gyrating guys, (one w/o a shirt) Wet, dripping beer, hips and abs undulating in time to the music, excited women, smiling, screaming and jumping up and down a slippery floor and, Hmmmm.... an ocular delight, yep, simple "eye candy". I just kept the music going, smiled - yeah, I -Hey, I'm not one to kill a party!
Sadly, the guys got tired after an exciting 20 minutes (pansies!) , grabbed bar towels to clean up and went back to drinking their beer. (boring..)
Around 1:30 Mitzy, my Beautiful bartender, called the cab company, so, at 2am, we had a "Fleet" of cabs parked in front of, and around our building, thus ensuring that each and every wonderful patron got home safely. Is that a great plan or what!?!?!?

This is one Saturday night that my Ladies and Gentlemen of the Valley, will not forget, hah!, nor will I. Thanks you guys-You have no idea how happy you make me feel.

Everybody have a great week-
Remember Tuesday nite at Lil Vic's Midland Tavern. I do hope to see you there.

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