Sunday, April 08, 2007

Valley Pub Karaoke Night

Nice nite at the Valley Pub, we had quite a few singers, they kept me hoppin' and boppin' from 9 to 1:40am. Free flowing vocals melted a lot of the work tension and even the non-singers got up to dance and play on the mic's. Kind of an impromptu "open mic" event. It was totally cool and really fun. [a little bit funny, at times.](I wonder if the beer had anything to do with it? hmm... thinking.......M-no.) We just had a good time and some really good singers last night.
Here at the Valley everyone seems to be family. Just walk in the door and say "Hi", sing a song and that's it, you belong. Or come back next week and "hello!" your a sister or a brother. Now if your a good singer - they may not let you sit down. Cries of "encore, encore" fly out all the time, sometimes I have to let the filler music play because the singer "Loves that song" and won't sing until they hear the whole song. A lot of the time I'm pullin' up the filler song so a singer can sing it. We'll hear a little bit of the original singer and somebody'll run up and ask "Can I sing it?, With the words?" So I'll look it up to see if we have it, and, if we have it -of course I'm gonna let them sing it! That's my job.
And a great job it is too!
Then we've got the "special requests" - all those songs they want to hear me sing. far I've got standing requests for -the Rose, anything Johnny Cash (don't ask me why, I think they just like to laugh at me), Shake your Groove Thing (requested by JJ-wut???), Being with you (for Carrie), Dancing Queen (for Claire and May to dance to, woah, can they dance!), Shop Around (for Toni) and anything Sade (requested by Jerry). Fulfilling those requests can be hectic sometimes, but I can get it done-and make everyone happy. That's what it's all about.

On this Easter Morning I hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets lots of chocolate!!

Happy, Happy Easter everyone!!!
I'm at the Valley on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 1:30am. Come visit me some time and sing a song, we'll make you family too.