Thursday, November 30, 2006

Karaoke overload......?

No such thing. Since my last post I've been to Thunderbird again on a Saturday,
Charley's on a Monday night, and Good Times Lounge on a Friday Night. I had fun and sang at each place.
At Thunderbird Lounge, We met Dennis - truly enjoyed his dancing(pirate's in the house) with Kat (beautiful, with a voice to match), I got to meet Bonnie, finally.....We've been emailing back and forth. Jesse and Sue were there, I always get a little crazy when Jesse's around. Scorpio brings out the Pisces in me. So much fun! Thunderbird has a great selection of songs and Lonnie puts as many as possible to good use.
At Charley's I was surprised by two of my very dear friends "Super Steve Devries" and Tom.
They are hosting the karaoke all week, great hosts and wonderful people. I was so happy and of course, had a great night. Charley's Sports bar has about 12000 songs in the song book, almost any song you can think up.
At Good Times Lounge I talked to Al for a while, he's an awesome karaoke host, has perfected the sound system and even has a lighting system installed. When I picked up his songbook, which is huge, I found every song I looked up. Al has 15000 songs in his book and more that he wants to add. Believe me I sang all night, I was still singing in the car on the way home. Looking forward to Tuesday night and singing at Lil' Vic's. I missed it, because it snowed and Tacoman's were scared to drive on the icy snowy streets. Can you believe it! So Karaoke was cancelled for Tuesday and I'm thinking about going out on Friday.
I Just Love My Karaoke!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Karaoke in Tacoma

Halloween Karaoke at Lil' Vic's Midland Tavern

Tuseday night at Lil' Vic's the Devil was out and yes, she was wearing red..she was gorgeous and yes, Julie I'm
talking about you. Lonnie was dressed as a bartender and played the part very well, between singing suicides and
being "busy". Luv You Lonnie!
Lori was really cute, Lonnie called her "Moonbeam", the perfect name for the beautiful Hippy she is, oops, was being.
We didn't have any trick or treaters, I expected at least one customer
to holler "trick or treat!!!!" and try for a beer. It just didn't happen.
We sang songs, of course, Julie and I got a little crazy there toward the end, but, it wasn't really that bad, umm someone
ask Lonnie if we were really that bad.
Miss Jessie wasn't there and we missed her. Now next Tuesday........pool teams?...OOh, we'll see what mischief we can get
into - Ok we'll just sing.