Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Karaoke in Tacoma

Halloween Karaoke at Lil' Vic's Midland Tavern

Tuseday night at Lil' Vic's the Devil was out and yes, she was wearing red..she was gorgeous and yes, Julie I'm
talking about you. Lonnie was dressed as a bartender and played the part very well, between singing suicides and
being "busy". Luv You Lonnie!
Lori was really cute, Lonnie called her "Moonbeam", the perfect name for the beautiful Hippy she is, oops, was being.
We didn't have any trick or treaters, I expected at least one customer
to holler "trick or treat!!!!" and try for a beer. It just didn't happen.
We sang songs, of course, Julie and I got a little crazy there toward the end, but, it wasn't really that bad, umm someone
ask Lonnie if we were really that bad.
Miss Jessie wasn't there and we missed her. Now next Tuesday........pool teams?...OOh, we'll see what mischief we can get
into - Ok we'll just sing.