Monday, September 17, 2007

Now on My Second Weekend at Ida's.............

So, I start the music, we've got the karaoke rolling and they start bugging me to sing a song. Yeah, okay, fine, just let me find a gap in the singers and I'll sing something. Finally, after about 20 minutes of waiting and non-stop karaoke singers, Reg, decides he wants to completely give up his next turn in the rotation, he says "you take that spot and sing us a song". Aw man, fine. So I put on "whenever, wherever" by Shakira, and take note of the people hanging over the ledges on either side of the stairs-Reg has told everyone, "She's gonna sing, come on down." The music has started, I start singing, I like the song so I get into it a little bit. The crowd is clapping, smiling and dancing. Then I made the huge mistake of singing to the wrong person.
I was having fun until then. This man jumps outta his chair and starts matching me move for move, now I'm stuck singing the song-I started laughing and trying to whip my hips around like Shakira does, you know. I forgot all about the audience, and was simply having fun with the song and dancing until this dude say's "sit down", pushes me into a chair and is gyrating like
a Chippendale (with clothes on, ok)! "I didn't know a man could move like that!" My song was on auto-pilot and mentally I was brain dead, zzzzzzzzzT! I couldn't look away and I knew my face showed that. Here I am siting in a chair, singing, with this man not two feet from my face, I couldn't back up because I was stuck in the chair. Nor could I stop smiling and the song wasn't even over yet!!! I forced myself to lean forward and push him away, so I could get up and finish my song. I finally looked over at my girlfriends who were just "dying" with laughter! Hmmph, some friends.
I finished my song to rousing applause, oh, the crowd just LOVED it, must have been some spectacle. Embarrassed the heck out of me - Geez, damn! Got scared out of my wits!
Maybe, I liked it a little bit, and I think that "brain dead" feeling might be what men feel when they see a pretty girl, or something. When I got my senses back, I realized that it probably was a good show. My girlfriends just said-(when they could stop laughing..) "You should have seen your face!" and "Rescue you, Hell no! It was too good to stop!" No pictures, thank God, but, they were talking about it all night. I even got a comment from the bartender-"Oh girl, you gotta do that again." Not for a while, dearie, not for a long while.
Needless to say, I will not sing that song with that man in the audience again. I'm still trying to figure out how he can move like that!
Hey, Reg, Thanks a lot Man, I mean really.