Monday, September 17, 2007

Thursday Night Meetup at Barb's Westgate Inn.

Last Thursday was the meetup night for the Tacoma Karaoke Meetup Group.
Katherine got there first and reserved a table for us. She's so cool!
We grabbed our books and started searching for songs, frequently using
our cell phones as lighting devices. It's very dark in there. Great ambiance
though. It's most likely a great place for illicit hook-ups, they've got tables
further back that are even darker,(no one bothers
you). So, we get into the books-now that's not cool! It seems these books have
not been updated in two years. The beginning of the book starts out with songs
added in June of 2005 and just gets worse from there.
Any new song additions have been printed out, put into the protective sleeve and added to the books. Unless you want to search all night, you kinda have to know when the song you wanted came out on karaoke or when this karaoke company bought the disc to add to the collection.
I gave up, since I had brought my own discs, I had the host use those.
Julie stuck with the tried and true favorites and I did a couple of suicides, the
audience is great over there. They clap if you do ok and clap, hoot and holler if
you do a little better. We had fun-in the dark-and behind the mic's, clowning
for our friends and acting like the Diva's we were meant to be.
Because it was a Thursday night and some people had to be at work early the next
morning, I was supposed to leave around 11pm, but, I ended up staying later because Sami
was on the way and I had to say "Hi". So, she gets there and decides on her theme for the
night, I had one more song up and so did Julie, so we got to talk to Sami for a while -always fun.
Donny decided to come out of the woodwork and tell us about the club downtown that just
started Karaoke-I think it's called "Cans". So to keep the karaoke going we need to advertise
it - get more people in there singing so the owners don't get tired of the "regulars" they have.
Amylyn, got wild with her song and was standing on the stool, unbuttoning her shirt when the
security guard talked her down to floor level. I was amused by her antics, while simultaneously praying I never succumb to the level of drunkeness she was exposing. The older gentlemen seemed to appreciate the exibition, even the security guard was smiling.
My night finally ended with driving people home-being sure they were safe.
Then I went home, just smiling. Then Friday came...........TGIF.