Friday, December 29, 2006

Wonderful "Karaoke" Christmas!

I'm hoping everyone, everywhere, had a great Christmas and Holiday Season!
I sure did and it wasn't about the presents, it was about all of the awesome people
I got to hang out with.
The people I love, and the new people I am coming to love. These holidays are all about caring, sharing the love and keeping it going.
That's part of why I love karaoke - everyone appreciates the performances of others, good or bad. Karaoke people are willing and available to help
others if they ask for or want some help. Feel the spirit of Christmas, giving and caring and keep it going. Stop being scared of people you don't know
yet, and remember that most people are basically good. If you give a smile, you usually get one back. Feel the love, better yet, be the love and
Let's keep it going.
Happy New Year's Eve everyone!!!!