Friday, September 21, 2007

Karaoke at Tall Timbers Tavern

I just love "emergency" karaoke calls. They really break up the monotony
of the week.
This call came in at 2:30 in the afternoon, of course I missed it,
I was working.
Yeah, I called and was asked if I could run the karaoke at
9 o-clock , that night. I thought about it for....about.....
20 seconds, "Yes I will, let me get directions and I"ll be there".
Quite interesting really, I wasn't sure what time I would get off of work.
I just knew I was going to run karaoke that night, relax and enjoy myself.
Lucky for me I finished my last run at 6 and drove on home, thinking:
karaoke. La.... La.... La.....
I was ready to go at 7:30 but, didn't leave until 8.
Julie came with me acting as my "navigator". We had both gone online
for directions. She did Yahoo and I did Google. They were similar, but,
we still got lost, a little. In Fife, of all places! Now, see I was going the
right way, but, Julie said I was supposed to go the other way, so, I finally
turned around and went back into Fife. Uh-oh, Construction.......and a Detour.
Now, to me, that's a recipe for getting Lost. I turned around again and Hey!
We found Taylor Way - followed the rest of the directions and we found Tall Timbers
Tavern. I only passed it twice!
As we went inside, I was looking for the karaoke equipment - didn't see any.
That's because it wasn't there yet. When the equipment arrived, it got set up
quickly and we were up and rolling.
Brandy sang the first song and it was a sweet party from there on out,
Pour Some Sugar on Me. Then, "The Funky Munkey softball team" showed up
and sang their big hearts out. Shelley, our bartender, was dancing and
singing all night, very entertaining. Colleen and Mr. Rose Jr.
did a great job on the microphone, even when it came to suicide songs.
Julie got everyones attention with her songs and smiled all night. Mhmmm.

It's a nice big bar with dart boards, two pool tables- side by side, -a whole
side bar of pull tabs, 4 tv's and a big screen tv. Lots of room for dancing &
singing too, right in the middle of the bar.
We had some extra songs left over at 1:30, when I was ready to close down,
Shelly said, go ahead and play 'em-So, I did with a cheesy smile on my face.
I could have played all night, excellant excitement.
They got some crazy singing people over at the Tall Timbers -check them
out next Thursday when Misty will be back at her post.
And I'll be dreaming about singing.......relaxing and having fun.