Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Karaoke at Pacific Lanes

TigerRose Karaoke in Tacoma

Unfortunately for us, the owners of the bowling alley have deciced to stop having karaoke.
So now I'm only singing at Lil' Vic's Midland Tavern on Tuesday nites. (-1709 99th St. East, in Tacoma, Washington-)
I am available for private parties, you know weddings, Birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you want more
information check out or shoot me an email.

Thursday night I went to a place called Java Jam in Tacoma, Yeah - it's a karaoke place. Rusty runs it so of course
theres great sound. On top of this it's not your average karaoke place, they've got great food, lattes, mochas and beer.
Pretty much - whatever you want, you got.
The karaoke ran from 8pm to 11pm and there were so many people waiting to sing and having a good time, they let it run
longer. I was happy to sing one song, talk to Jesse and Amy, see Danny Rae and drink my Mocha. It was crackin' people,
I'm telling you true. I had fun. Not easy for me to do since I'm so critical, but, I felt right at home, was able to kick back and
relax and hear some good music with friends.
Enough for now, I'll keep everyone updated on where I end up next.