Thursday, July 20, 2006

This makes me think!

You know things like this are just Wrong!
I get an email that states "250 Free* Business Cards". So I think about it, check for what that little * means & can't find it in the email so I click on the link to get more information and go ahead and design/play with a card, now when it comes time to print it and order them I have no problem with paying a small shipping fee but, man,- look at this:

Choose your Quantity
Quantities start at 250 for $9.99. We recommend a quantity of 500 for $9.99 more.

250 for $9.99
500 for $19.98
Other Quantities
1000 for $29.98
1500 for $44.99
2000 for $49.99
2500 for $54.995000 for $69.99

So it looks to me like I'm gonna get 250 business cards for $9.99 and no 250 of them are not free*-then I get to pay shipping.

Choose Desired Processing and Delivery Speed**
Slow: 21 Days - $5.25 are they kidding?
Arrives on or before 8/10/2006
Standard: 14 Days - $8.95
Arrives on or before 8/3/2006
Priority: 7 Days - $12.95
Arrives on or before 7/27/2006
Rush+: 3 Business Days - $24.99
Arrives on or before 7/25/2006

Even if I choose the cheapest shipping option free* has now become $15.24. Interesting.

I think later today I'll to see a printer in my area and get a brick and mortar quote. I would probably get my business cards faster, anyway. I suppose we'll see.