Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Karaoke, Taste of Tacoma & 4th of July and

TigerRose Karaoke in Tacoma

I had so much fun at the Taste of Tacoma with the kids, that I had to do it again the next day. The kids ate and looked around, the girls giggled and whispered
"ooh, He's HOT!!! and he's hot and he's hot & Is he looking at me" and giggled some more.....and complained about the music. As in "where's the hip hop?" "I'm getting a headache and can I go on that ride????" Whoa.
So I got ahold of GoldwingTom and we headed for Point Defiance around noon the next day. We ate some food, and watched a couple of comedians, but, we really hung
out at the stages and listened to the bands until 7pm when they closed it up and kicked everyone out. The last band was my favorite, Readymade Family, they are a
great Dance Band. I enjoyed them so much -it really made up for the disappointment that the kids didn't have fun.
So, I got all red from sitting in the sun so long, but, it didn't hurt any. I just looked funny.
On the 4th, I had decided we were going all the way down to the waterfront this time. And we did, but, the fun was marred by the idiots that were fighting, and the other idiots who were trying to push over a truck and caused a general ruckus with the police right before and during the fireworks show.
Maybe next year I'll watch it on tv. Much safer for the kids. Plus, they wouldn't have to hear me going on and on about "if their parents were here they
wouldn't be acting like that!"
Back at Pacific Lanes Karaoke Lounge I had a great week knowing that on Saturday I was gonna go see Smoky Robinson.
I almost didn't make it, because my back-up karaoke host didn't show, but, my wonderful son, filled in for me and did a great job.
No complaints from the customers and that was his very first karaoke gig. I love that kid. What a gift!!!
Smoky was great! He sang most of his hits and some of the hits that he wrote for other artists. It was a learning experience.
I wasn't real sure if GoldwingTom enjoyed himself as much as I did, but, he assured me he liked it. I was very happy.
So-the next summer outing I'm going to is the Tacoma Ethnic Fest at Wrights Park On July 22nd. They are supposed to have KARAOKE too!
I kinda can't wait. Now tomorrow I'll be back at Midland Tavern at 9 o-clock. I truly enjoy my Tuesday nites there. Come visit me if you can, and on Wednesday I'm back at Pacific Lanes, 7015 south D St. (Yes, it's in Tacoma) & Thursday, Friday & Saturday nites at 9pm until 1:30am.