Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's July already. I wait all year for warm summer weather to come along and it's almost over. Time flies when your having fun and all that hoooey.
Gotta enjoy the summer I have left.
Which means more fun in the sun Every day and more karaoke every Night.
I'm taking the kids to the Taste of Tacoma in the morning so we are going to be busy. I love the entertainment and they love the food. What more could we ask for? They've got three different radio station vans set up and I've already planned to eat a whole Chicken Gorgonzola Sandwich (Slices of chicken breast on a hoagie roll topped with creamy mushroom gorgonzola sauce), no, I'm not sharing, even though it is huge.
I don't have to work on Tuesday, lucky me, I will probably be down on 30th street watching the fireworks and the people. (and wishing I were singing karaoke when the skeeters start bugging me.....)
I will be celebrating our nations independence from a king who collects high tarriffs and wants the US citizen to follow his laws, yet mourning the new tarriffs that are collected by our city, state and nation and some of the ignorant laws that they have saddled us with.
Heck, a party's a party and any reason to kick back and just enjoy is where I wanna be.
Have a good one and stay safe.