Saturday, December 10, 2005

TigerRose Karaoke in Tacoma

It's December already, time truly flies when your having an awesome life!
I love this job!
In the past month I have acquired 699 new songs and no they are not in
the book yet. So, if you want to find out what the new stuff is, you'll just
have to come see me. I've typed them all into the database and printed
out "new song" sheets that are available in the karaoke lounge. I will be
reprinting the books soon. (No date yet, but, soon.)

New Year's Eve, as of today I plan to be at the bowling alley and in the lounge
on New Year's Eve so come on and keep me company.
The bowling alley itself, is having a New Year's Eve Party with party favors, Monte
Carlo bowling games, food, door prizes, stuff like that, $30.00 for all, if you
want to come hang out and eat without bowling it's $12.00.
But, but and but, The Karaoke Lounge is free, come buy your drinks and celebrate New Year's with
Me. The more, the merrier - for real!
Need more information?
Check out, my home pages {being humble here}. Click on karaoke - just in case
I may have updated the karaoke pages. Of course the "Contact us" link will take
you to a page to email me. Only if you have valid questions or have something
good to say. ok? I hate it when people are mean to me and hurt my feelings.
Til next time, Have a happy Christmas and I'll see you for New Year's (I hope)!


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