Monday, August 29, 2005

TigerRose Karaoke in Tacoma

Saturday Night in the Karaoke Lounge, we finished up our last night of
qualifying for the Puyallup Fair Karaoke Idol Contest with 3 finalists.
Kirsten, Travis, and Kelly. Congratulations and I'm looking forward to seeing
you back next week.
Next Saturday night is our local finals contest and the 8 singers who
do the best will be going on to sing at the fair. Our qualified singers so far are
Debbie, Lori, Kym, Dave, Anthony, Renee, Lisa, Kelly, Jamie, Travis and Kirsten.
It's not an easy thing to do, you know, sing in front of strangers.
These singers are competing for money, so that might be the basic
pull - to make them want to sing, when some of them are just not
comfortable with it yet. Judges are looking for singers who not only sound
good, but, enjoy entertaining the crowd.
Judges want singers who:
1> know all the words to the song they chose to sing,
2> feel comfortable in front of a bunch of strangers,
3> consistently sing to the crowd and engage individuals (and groups).
Judges want a singer who can roll with the unexpected shout out, or dancer.
Someone with charisma, who can belt the song, and get the audience fired up or screaming for an encore.
First prize is $2000. Second prize is $1000. Third prize is $500.
Someone's going to win it, if one of Pacific Lanes Singers scores that win, I'll
put their picture up in the lounge. Of course they'll have to come back a few times
and sing with us.


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